Thursday, November 3, 2011

SwessPharma Labs Legal Steroids Anabolics and Synthol

SWESSPHARMA LABS Pro-Anabolic Supplements & Legal Steroids

I should have titled this article "Legal Steroids for Dummees" but I wanted to take a more serious approach . If you're  wanting to build muscle fast without illegal anabolics than this is for you.

So, you've been hitting the gym hard but you've come to a sticking point. Maybe you've stopped gaining muscle mass or you can no longer add any more plates on the bench press.Maybe those abdominals are just not coming in as fast as you'd like. It's official, you're reached what athletes call a "plateau". At one point or another during your training cycle, you'll find yourself seriously considering implementing some supplementation into your training regimen. Some will choose creatine, protein powders and even anabolic steroids. The world knows anabolic steroids are by far the most effective means of producing rock hard muscle mass and absurd muscle gains but this does not come without a few disadvantages. Aside from side effects, one has to consider the legalities. Buying, selling and owning anabolic steroids are a serious legal dilemna. In the United States, all anabolic steroids are a schedule 3 controlled substance, in summary, a felony. Most felonies will result in jailtime. That's the bad news.

The good news is that there have been many high tech advancements in the dietary supplement industry. SwessPharma Labs (TM) is the world leader in anabolic supplements. Anabolic supplements are most often referred to as "legal steroids". Legal steroids are dietary supplements designed to promote muscle gain, weight loss and strength. The products are created to provide real results in all users. Legal steroids are not like your standard dietary supplement compounds. They typically contain a potent ingredient or even a blend of several known ingedients that have been scientifically proven to produce an anabolic effect.

Legal steroids are the best choice for individuals who want to stay away from side effects and any legal issues associated with black market anabolic steroids. Although l"legal steroids" are 100% legal, some products are so powerful (like the SwessPharma Labs (Legal Steroid Pro-Stack),that they may actually be banned for use in athletic competitions. MMA fighters, boxers, bodybuilders,power lifters,military personel and even law enforcement officers can all benefit from legal steroids. Unlike most dietary supplements, the right legal steroids will produce results in all users. It's not a guessing game. If they're legit anabolic supplements, they will help you reach your new goals and they will instantly help you through a sticking point.

If you've decided that legal steroids are for you than it's time to do your research. Avoid companies with over exaggerated claims and claim they sell prohormones.They look for competitors who have products that are hot at the moment (i.e. Mr's Beastdrol) steal the label design,and add cheap herbal ingredients,and start selling as Beastdrol Extreme. They have just made a way to spend no money developing a product or marketing it,but misleading customers into thinking they are selling the real deal when they are not.Another example, Chris Clark has a product he invented called Synthol,quite frankly it was the first but research tells us not the best synthol ever produced.So this scam company copies and pastes all over the internet an old interview from the 1990's someone had with Chris,changes the name of his product in the interview from the actual product "Synthosizze HP" to Synthrol 877 then makes a label,a fake facebook,fake twitter account posing as Chris to market their fake "Chris Clark Synthrol 877",figuring since Chris lives in Germany ,he might not be able to legally sue(WRONG).This company started out this way,back in the 90's ,they counteferfeited our products,the only way you could tell your product was legit from us,was looking at the postage stamp address,to make sure it was not from Columbiana,Ohio.This year the scumbag decides to get back into the business and start again,making money off of our product line. He first started a website named and tried to trick people into thinking he was the real SwessPharma,then he had the balls to make a website called and make it look like a fake review page to pose as consumers ,and beg them to write the uspto to have them drop our trademark,so he could steal it.
Also beware of companies that claim they never have any negative reviews,actually RUN from them!Every single company on earth has a some negative reviews,if they claim a certain website (i.e. has them top ranked and top reviewed,go read their reviews on that website,I GUARANTEE they were lieing to you!!This very company I am talking about here also makes claims they are highly reviewed on Amazon and state because they are on Amazon they are trustworthy,LOL.
Point #1 on Amazon: Amazon will let anyone ,ANYONE,sell anything on AMAZON,as long as they get paid and the product gets shipped,it doesnt matter if the product was a scam!
Point #2 on their "so-called Great Reviews on Amazon" : pay attention to the reviews,when more than 20% of like 58 reviews are from the same buyer,you know it is a scam!!!They merely weekly place a fake order for their own product,then they can review it and pay themselves,lol,it is a very old trick they use and we here at SwessPharma Labs does not condone,nor do we condone using a ton of different fake business names to sell the same products.(i.e say for instance,the company name is Muscle Labs USa,then they try to pass their products off as Muscle-Chem Labs ,Militant Muscle,Primo Labz,and Beast Fuel Labs ,if it looks like a scam,smells like a scam,more often than not it is a scam!
OHHHHH I forgot one thing,we donot attack competitors,we only call out the truth about real proven scams,and we have only called out on one company,I am sure you guessed what company we are referring to,and that is the only reason they spend day and night trying to spam the web with hate spam against us.It is because we are trying to protect the consumer . Hell, if you only knew the real state of their company,it is not even a company,it is a man and wife out of their home,a few gym buddies juiced up on illegal anabolics helping make the fake reviews,and the owner with a criminal record a mile long which is publicly open to view.

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